Resend Devise Confirmation Emails For Incomplete Accounts


It’s slightly frustrating looking through your users table and seeing a bunch of accounts that signed up but never confirmed, only existing in this limbo land where you can’t quite count them as a conversion and they seem to have dropped off the face of the earth.

This rake task will look through your users table for unconfirmed devise accounts and one by one resend their confirmation emails.

You can schedule this to run once a day and attempt to reclaim lost users. Here’s how

Create a file named “user.rake” in your Rails project under lib/tasks

Paste the following in

namespace :user do
  task :resend_confirmation => :environment do
    users = User.where('confirmation_token IS NOT NULL')
    users.each do |user|

Now from the terminal, from within your Rails app path, simply run

rake user:resend_confirmation

or if you’re a Heroku user

heroku run rake user:resend_confirmation

Heroku offers a free scheduler which you can use to schedule the emails to be resent daily. Simply use addon found here: